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Welcome to The Same Press and The Same Press Magazine website. This site features information on past, current, and future issues, writers, contributors, quality links, and submissions.  The Same Press is a national small press, which publishes The Same, a magazine of poetry and prose, appearing biannually as a continuation of the journal co-founded in 2000 by Carl Bettis and Philip Miller.  The Same Press magazines, subscriptions, and other Same publications are available for purchase. More information is available under pricing & issue archives , or you can contact us at the following email address: editors@thesamepress.com


Note: Currently reading for the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of The Same.

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Current Issue:  The Same Volume 11, No. 1 Summer/Fall 2013


The Same Volume 11, No. 1

Cover: By Wayne Lanter - Photo:  Rue du Chat-qui-Pêche, Paris




Madeline Artenberg | Robert Avery | Patricia Behrens | Meredith Bergmann | Kurt Brown | Mary Legato Brownell | Susana H. Case | Pamela Davis | Graham Duncan | Patricia Eakins | Barbara Elovic | Carol Hebald | Amy Holman | Colette Inez | Gerry LaFemina | Ann Lauinger.  | Eugenia Leigh | Amy Lemmon | Richard Levine | Kate Light | Marjorie Maddox | Lynn McGee | Afric McGlinchey | Kamilah Aisha Moon | Benjamin Myers | Mary Noonan | D. Nurkse | Suzanne Parker | Ron Price | Bertha Rogers | Margaret Ryan | Christina L. Schmitt | Stephen Stepanchev | Jim Story | Joyce Sutphen | Matthew Sweeney | Karen Swenson | Melinda Thomsen | Bonnie Walker | Gary J. Whitehead | John Hartley Williams | Michael T. Young



It is with much regret we relay that Editor Phil Miller, after his long battle with leukemia, passed away 2/14/2011. The Same hopes to keep Phil’s name and passion alive by continuing his emphasis on diversity and quality; and as best we can to extend his valuable efforts.


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