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Note: Currently reading for the Winter/Spring 2014 issue of The Same.

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Current Issue:  The Same Volume 11, No. 2 Winter/Spring 2014


The Same Volume 11, No. 2

Cover: By Bob Curley - Photo: Walt Disney Concert Hall-LA




Meredith Bergmann | Clare Best | Lorna Knowles Blake | Sally Bliumis-Dunn | Charlie Bondhus | Theresa Burns | Susana H. Case | Gretl Claggett | Bob Curley | Rachel Dacus | Moyra Donaldson | Maura Dooley | Graham Duncan | Anna M. Evans | Ernest L. Fishman | Gordon Gilbert | Michael J. Grabell | Steve Griffiths | Henry Grinberg | Sharon Hashimoto | Richard Hoffman | Julia Spicher Kasdorf | Dean Kostos | Gerry LaFemina | Mitch Levenberg | Deena Linett | Gardner McFall | Lynn McGee | Daniel Thomas Moran | Rick Mullin | Mark Nickels | Angela Alaimo O’Donnell | Michael Palma | Andrea Porter | Bertha Rogers | David Romtvedt | Michael Salcman | Patty Seyburn | Hilary Sideris | Fiona Sinclair | Stephen Stepanchev | Margo Stever | Maria Terrone




It is with much regret we relay that Editor Phil Miller, after his long battle with leukemia, passed away 2/14/2011. The Same hopes to keep Phil’s name and passion alive by continuing his emphasis on diversity and quality; and as best we can to extend his valuable efforts.


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